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Flavor is used to enhance both the palatability and the quality of food through the addition of aroma and taste.

We are experienced in the food additive industry and endeavor to maintain our reputation as a market leader through consistent research. Our products are preferred by major bakery and confectionary companies and remain popular as we understand and cater to Korean tastes.

We make every effort to ensure that every step of the way, from research to production, we operate under the strictest quality control system. With our safe and hygienic policy, we confidently serve our customers the best products.
Vanilla flavor is a mixture of natural and artificial aromas and uses various carrier.

This product has a strong fragrance which is designed to be long lasting, maintaining its aroma even in the hot conditions of the confectionary and bakery. Moreover, any peculiar yeast smell can be masked perfectly.
Appearance : Light beige powder
Odor : Strong Vanilla
Moisture : <3.9%
As : 1.5ppm
Heavy metal : <10ppm
Enterbacteria ceae : 0/gram
E. coli : Negative
Store in dry, cool place (at room temperature)
Keep product well sealed when not in use