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PIF Equine is designed to prevent various problems in racing horses with co-study with veterinarians and lab. PIF Equine is multi-versatile feed additive for horses and is widely used for racing horse in Korea these days.

Main components in PIF Equine is RO Unit, biotin, chromium picolinate, zinc methionine, copper methionine and cobalt methionine. Those ingredients play important roles to prevent tired-up syndrome and nephron impaction which are likely to happen in racing horses.

PIF Equine is also effective for maintaining healthy hooves and curing damaged hooves in all kinds of horses and for enhancing the state of villi in intestine to decrease dietary infectious diarrhea.

Balance in energy metabolism
Improves reproductive performance
Reduces hooves diseases
Restorees villi in the inner wall of digestive organs
Activates enzymes related to energy:protein metabolism
Enhances glucose uptake and catabolism in tissues
Synergy effect with biotin for energy metabolism
Related to formation of cartilage and tendon
Prevents vices such as chewing wall of stalls or fences
Element for blood cell and Vitamin B12
Maintains healthy hooves/hair and cures damaged hooves
Prevents tired-up syndrome and acute nephritis which occur during training after long term or short term break
Achieves lipolysis and muscular formation simultaneously
Energy:protein metabolism is improved by energy metabolism
Increases glucose reserve ratio in cells and energy improvement
Cure for various dietary infectious diarrhea
Eliminates nitrogen less because of improved protein metabolism
Maintains healthy digestive organs through activation of Digestive-related cell