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Chromium is an essential nutrient, but the inorganic chromium is virtually unabsorbable and has no nutritional value. Studies suggest that chromium picolinate, as an organic chromium source, is the most effective for a living organism.

Natural inorganic chromium is water-soluble and its biological activity is very low, but organic chromium is lipophilic and very active on tissues. Evans and Bowman(1992) reported that chromium compounds affect insulin and the internalization of cultured muscle cells and that chromium picolinate produces the most significant increase in the uptake of glucose and leucine into skeletal muscle.

Samjo Life Science Co., Ltd. Is the pioneer for introducing and developing Chromium picolinate in Korea. Through co-study of chromium picolinate with KIST (Korea Institute Scienc and Technology), Samjo has successfully settled as an cutting edge company and still has been making an efforts to supply better and brand-new products.
Increases lean mass and reduces carcass fat
Improves reproductive efficiency (increasing litter size)
Improves immuno-competence (reduces mortality)
Improves feed efficiency
Supplemental Cr increased the number of pigs born live per litter (Lindemann et al., 2004)
With stressed newly arrived feeder calves, organic chromium(chelated chromium) increased 21-28 day weight gain overall by 21% (Mowat, 1996)
Enhanced insulin action with supplemental chromium prevented sugar-induced hypertension or elevated blood pressure in rats (Preuss et al., 1995)
Supplemental organic chromium has decreased body temperature by 0.5℃ with newly arrived calves (Moonsie-Shageer and Mowat, 1993)
Supplemental Cr counteracts the negative effects of the stress of growth hormone administration to pigs(Evock-Clover et al., 1993)
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