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In order to meet demand for high capability dairy cows, PIF Bovine is developed by using chelated minerals (which are bioavailable), biotin and Rhizopus. This product enhances production performance and the profitability livestock farming through the increase of milk production.

Enhances fertility rate
Improves reproductive performance
Reduces sole ulcer/heel warts/claw lesion
Increases milk yield by enhancing glucose synthesis
Reduces somatic cell count/foot disorder/cholesterol
Prevents mastitis
Reduces heat stress effects
Maximizes insulin function
Helps absorption and digestive metabolism of volatile fatty acid, propionate
Cows fed chromium picolinate had higher DM intake and higher increased levels of milk production compared to control cows (Besong et al., 1996)
Average daily gain and feed efficiency increased more than 25% due to supplemental chromium in steer calves following the stress of transit via shipping (Chang and Mowat, 1992)
Humoral immune response of early lactating cows also improves due to supplemental Cr during times of stress (Burton et al., 1993)
T1 Control T2 Control T3
24.8 31.6 26.1 28.5 25.3 30.6
655,000 314,000 391,000 260,000 549,000 256,000