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Completion of Plant of PIF Levan
Launch new product water soluble polysaccharides “ PIF Levan ”
PIF Chrome plant Registered KVGMP
Launch new product “ PIF powercell ” containing lactic acid bacteria
Launch functional additive “ PIF One Q ” containing Arazyme
Launch functional additive “ PIF Lactozyme ”
Launch New product, Calcium Lactate
Launch new product, PIF LAB(Lactic Acid Bacteria)
Launch new feed additives using propolis in Korea
Launch new product (Emulsifier for molasses), PIF Glumax
Development of new products - PIF Bovine, PIF Swine, PIF Equine
Achievement of ISO9001:2000 by Korean Foundation for Quality(KFQ)
Completed the second factory & started to produce vitamin H, D-Biotin
Committed associated study with Seoul National University Animal Husbandry Technology Institute (“The effect of cellular zinc on the regulation of cell cycle,productivity and immune activity in dairy cows)
Awarded ‘Excellent Entrepreneur’ by Chungnam Province Government
Started to produce chelated mineral product PIFZinc (zinc methionate)
Registration as a new technology development venture company & a promising medium-small sized company